DrySyn® OCTO Reaction Station

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DrySyn® OCTO Reaction Station

Parte della gamma DrySyn® Reaction di Asynt chemist, la DrySyn® OCTO 8-Position Reaction Station consente una potente agitazione e riscaldamento magnetici, atmosfera inerte e riflusso, il tutto con un ingombro ridotto.

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    DrySyn® OCTO Reaction Station

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    Part of the DrySyn® Reactors range from the Asynt chemists, the DrySyn® OCTO 8-Position Reaction Station allows powerful magnetic stirring and heating, inert atmosphere and reflux, all with a tiny footprint.

    This innovative design has been found incredibly useful for working volumes of up to 10 mL and has been specified to allow the use of low-cost reaction tubes to save as much as possible on consumables for your lab.

    Whilst brilliant for 8 parallel reactions, you can use up to 3 DrySyn OCTO Reaction Stations on just one standard magnetic hotplate stirrer therefore allowing up to 24 parallel reactions.  Please contact us for further information on spare tubes or accessories.

    The MKII DrySyn® OCTO has now been launched with some aesthetically pleasing updates at no additional cost to our customers! Take a look at our “videos” tab here for more information.

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