DrySyn® SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit

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DrySyn® SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit

Useful starter kit for sub-ambient parallel reactions

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    DrySyn® SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit

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    The DrySyn® SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit is a handy kit for unattended operation of up to 3 reaction flasks in parallel with active temperature control of your chemistry from -30 to +150°C via connection to your chosen refrigerated/heating circulator.  This kit is also suitable for heated reactions, providing additional flexibility.

    The parallel reaction opportunity combined with the small benchtop footprint allows you to increase throughput without taking up valuable fume hood space which is always at a premium.

    This new DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit comes with cooling blocks to suit 25 mL, 50 mL and 100 mL round bottom flasks, with one of each size insert supplied in addition to the DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI base.

    If you require further inserts then perhaps consider one of our other useful kits or select individual inserts.  You may also choose additional M16 fittings.

    All DrySyn are manufactured in the UK and are fully recyclable.  They are engineered from solid aluminium and have a chemically resistant anodised finish.

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