Safety Heat Sticker

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Cambia da nero (quando il blocco riscaldante è a temperatura ambiente) a rosso (quando il blocco DrySyn raggiunge oltre 50 gradi C).

Specifiche Tecniche

Cambia colore a 50 °C
Adatto a reazioni fino a 150 °C

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    Safety Heat Sticker

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    We are keen for all laboratories to work in the safest way possible.  Small changes to our practices can have a large impact.

    The DrySyn® range of heating and cooling blocks will rapidly heat and takes some time to cool after you have finished working with it so in addition to our heat resistant handles, we offer a Safety Heat Sticker.

    The sticker changes its colour from black (it is this colour when the heating block is at room temperature) to a bright red (when the DrySyn block reaches a temperature over 50 degrees C).  By sticking this to the front of your heating block you can easily see when it becomes safe to touch.  Although we are instinctively drawn to the handles, it is a good safety measure to take.

    The labels are suited to reaction temperatures up to 150oC

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