Magnetic stirrer bars & spin vanes

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Scegliere le barre di agitazione magnetiche o le palette rotanti corrette per il proprio recipiente è fondamentale per ottenere un’agitazione ottimale.

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    Magnetic stirrer bars & spin vanes

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    Choosing the correct magnetic stirrer bars or spin vanes for your vessel is key to achieving optimum agitation.  We offer a wide range of stirrer bars (also known as magnetic fleas) and magnetic spin vanes with options to suit all sizes and shapes of vessel.

    Our PTFE coated oval magnetic stirrer bars are perfect to use with the DrySyn MULTI heating block system for round bottomed or pear shaped flasks and the most commonly selected sizes are available in packs of 3.

    You will find our handy guide to which size is best suited to your chosen flask on the “downloads” tab (PDF format).

    We can of course supply greater quantities if desired, and many other sizes and shapes, so just ask!

    The PTFE coating means that your stirrer bar is unlikely to react to the chemicals you’re working with – particularly high temperature work may require an alternative such as a glass coated stirrer bar however.

    We also offer our most frequently selected magnetic spin vanes in packs of 6.  These are ideal for use with tubes and vials using the DrySyn Reaction Vial Inserts in your preferred size.

    There are many other shapes of magnetic stirrer bar that you may wish to consider and each can have a different effect on your stirring;

    • You could use cylindrical stirrer bars – great for small volumes in tubes and vials.
    • Pivot ring stirrer bars – can enable smoother stirring whilst helping to reduce friction
    • Cross shape stirrer bars – great for stable stirring
    • Octagon shape stirrer bars – with a greater surface area these add further agitation because of their faceted profile.

    Whatever you need please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can guide you to the right option for your chemistry.

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