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Tutti i lab jacks hanno un foro filettato da 10 mm nell’angolo posteriore destro per accogliere aste di storta standard per le quali è fornito un dado di bloccaggio. È possibile montare piastre di estensione sulle 3 misure più grandi.

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    Essential to any lab, the Asynt range of lab jacks are manufactured to close tolerances from aluminium with stainless steel operating screw. The top and bottom plates are specially designed aluminium extrusion giving exceptional rigid and robust support without excessive weight.

    The plates are blue anodised finish. Our lab jacks are designed to be completely stable and free from rocking movements so you can depend upon them in your laboratory.  They’re manufactured in Britain, to the highest possible standard, just as you would expect.

    If you require a quotation for single or multiple quantities of any of the range of lab jacks detailed on our “specification” tab then please do contact us for our best price.

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